Sun Theory

by Sun Theory

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Video for 'Paint To Water'
Live performance of '13'


released 16 October 2011

Anthony Scott - electric guitar, backing vocals
Glyn Lehmann - keyboards, altonium
Michael Boundy - bass
Rich Coldwell - vocals, ac. guitar
Sam Carpenter - drums

Additional musicians:
Gypsy Lehmann; backing vocals on Halo and Like Coming Home
Ella Robbins; backing vocals on Beautiful Ghost
Elli Cleary; backing vocals on Halo, Like Coming Home and Random Human Thing
Django Scott-Cowling; cornet on Beautiful Ghost

Produced by Anthony Scott, Rich Coldwell and Sun Theory
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sixstrings Audio by Anthony Scott

All lyrics by Rich Coldwell
All music by Rich Coldwell except:
Broken Child - Coldwell, Scott, Lehmann, Carpenter, Boundy
Halo, Impasses, Like Coming Home, Random Human Thing - Coldwell, Scott, Lehmann
This Bed - Coldwell, Scott
Prelude to Arise (Gypsy's Lullaby) - Glyn Lehmann



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Sun Theory Adelaide, Australia

Sun Theory is the latest project from a band of well-established songwriters and musicians from Adelaide, Australia. They made 3 albums under the name COW. In the process of writing and recording songs for a new album, the band sensed a change in musical direction and felt the time was right to reinvent themselves. The result is this collection of 13 songs under their new name, Sun Theory. ... more

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Track Name: Halo
Cast to the fire your halo
The wings come off
When your hearts at stake
No sin could be too great
When rising to the fear
You might be alone

To possess or release
To wear a mask or be revealed
Where there's desires shown
The cores exposed
But the fire burns bright

It's the deepest part
And the sweetest and the hardest blow
When there's love
Such an affliction
Feeds the heart and bleeds the soul
When there's love

Such majesty and fate
So incomplete as i fall asleep
Dreaming of barriers
Sobriety to a drunk it's as harsh as light
Track Name: Random Human Thing
Random Human Thing

It’s a random human thing
Loves mystery and wrath
Two hearts once beat as one
Now one cuts all ties from fear

She’s been in hiding
He measures this like his success
No one will be her shelter
If there’s no walk to the altar
He chokes the life from her happiness

What you can’t put to rest
Will erode you from inside
Tear you up hollow you like a ghost
Can you turn and walk away
Take the chance you might lose again
Understand she doesn’t love you

Wear your losses like a win
Or wreck your every day emotion
The change is in the wind
She’s not such an easy demolition

He needs her tagged pinned and bound
She’s like a butterfly to his page
But to hold on that tight
Is to squeeze out all the life
She’s like a bit player in this damn fool’s charade
There’s no overt display
He’s a lost soul this shadow man
A misplaced sorrow, a bleeding heart
He was broken from the start
Now he wants her broken just the same

© 2011 Rich Coldwell
Track Name: Like Coming Home
Welcome to the shade
Come rest under my eaves
Take shelter from the pain
Count time as the sun rains down on me

Let warmth surround you here
Embrace tranquilly
I’ll be your easy chair
Your place to rest my honoured guest

Stand strong like a maple
Autumn shadows on our lives
It’s all leaves and branches
You feel the need we’ll simplify just you and I

You’re home
It’s like coming home

Feel the fire, smell history
Be transported to a distant time
Transfixed sentiment
There lights a past that’s pure and at ease

Hear your breath exhale
See light through rows of perfect trees
Just wind for your music
Dirt for the soul and for the seed
Track Name: Paint To Water
Paint To Water
Like paint to water
Like tears to a river she’s lost, adrift
She’s denying
The consequences of her loss
The mirror precedes the passion
Hollowness comes at a cost

Where there’s light from the darkness
There’s hope for this life
Where the will remains at the centre
All wrapped up in a beating heart

Ignorance draped in beauty
Forging sorrow in her wake
She’s like a small wrecking ball
She’s dangerous and blank
She’ll contemplate
In the darkness of the night
What’s real and what’s illusion
But settle for what she’s been told

Enveloped in her precious life
Enthralled in celebrity
Engaging with no one
Enraged about nothing

© 2011 Rich Coldwell
Track Name: 13

Don’t want to hear the news
I’m tired of the TV screen
I’ve heard it all before it’s been done better

In the name of religion
Name of democracy
But most of all it’s all about currency

Safe in ignorance
Numb to all tolerance
Force fed attitudes and the latest fashion

We’ve been down one time
Exceeded the second time
No sacrifice makes a difference
When there’s no conviction

Lives of the people lost
Head down no consiousness
The martyr rises from the father’s ashes

Cheap labour young girl
Child soldier, young boy
Wrapped tight in misery is slavery

When there’s tyranny
Where is the first world
The easy road softens you need time in the ditch

© 2011 Rich Coldwell
Track Name: Beautiful Ghost
Beautiful Ghost

From snowdrops to roses
Your love stained this heart
In this our blessed union
Eliza divine

Embracing devotion
Oh luminous joy
We’re sweethearts forever
Our souls they entwine

Oh mystical body
Oh mercy oh grace
My bride she is taken
From this earthly place

I loved her so,
Oh no tongue it can tell
How much I loved her
Oh and how well

But her God loved her too,
And he thought that it best
To take her to
Her heavenly rest

Cruel predestination
Oh mercy my love
So early I’m taken
To heaven above

Destroyer of happiness
Oh demon my host
Now all that is left is
My beautiful ghost

© 2011 Rich Coldwell